“About the " Furoshiki”

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cloth which has a variety of uses; to wrap presents or wine bottles, as table decoration such as a tablecloth or serviette, and it can also be a shopping bag.

The history of Furoshiki goes back to the Muromachi era. Japanese feudal lords wrapped their Kimonos with cloth when they took a bath, and they used this cloth as a mat when leaving the bathroom. At the beginning of the Edo era, people started using Furoshiki to wrap their clothes when they went to a public bath. This is the moment when Furoshiki was spread among Japanese society.

Furoshiki is the oldest “Eco-bag” in Japanese history as it is re-usable in many ways. It reflects the spirit of 3R, with the famous Japanese word “Mottainai”. In this modern consumption society with a changing environment, we propose that you return to the old days where 3R are ordinary matter and think about products that were used in past times.

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