What’s a Furoshiki?

A Furoshiki is a square cloth made from various fabrics, such as cotton or silk.
It is used as a wrap made for carrying objects and its history can be charted back to ancient times. There are various colors, designs and materials on a Furoshiki.

It’s easy to treat, wrap, and tie. It's that simple. The design of a Furoshiki has
various meanings. We Japanese enjoy the four seasons and respect the traditional ways. When you give a special gift to those closest to you, don't you want to give it in such a way that shows just how much they mean to you? Use a Furoshiki to
wrap the gift with your feelings and then hand it to your loved ones.
Isn’t that nice?

Recognition of the goodness of the Furoshiki has been realized now, and the new materials and designs coming out reflect that.
Casual, formal, it is also an eco-friendly way to use and/or give a gift.
The Furoshiki is a tradition of Japanese culture that is still evolving to this day.
Why not enjoy a Furoshiki as a memory of Japan?

Simple, elegant, pretty cool ...the Furoshiki.


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We, Yamatonadeshiko is the select shop especially for Furoshiki
(Japanese wrapping cloth) .
It has been 13 years since we opened our shop in Kagurazaka in October, 2007
and we have introduced many customers how Furoshiki is wonderful and useable, valuable cloth.
Since we would like much more customers to meet Furoshiki casually and would
love to disseminate the goodness of Furoshiki to many people, we reopened
the shop specializing in online in spring, 2020.
All of Furoshiki which we handle are made in Japan.
We have wide selections of Furoshiki like traditional design, classic patterns, silk, cotton, polyester and new material water-repellent.
So we provide a variety of Furoshiki that can be used for various occasions
such as casual and formal.
The light and compact Furoshiki is perfect for commemorative gifts at company
and/or school ceremonies, gifts and also popular as a gift for foreigners.
Furoshiki is a tradition in Japanese culture and still used in daily life for wrapping, shopping bags, decorating as tapestries, and disaster prevention goods.
We would like you to have Furoshiki into your ecological life and enjoy beautiful
and colorful Japanese traditional culture.
Let’s wrap a lot of happiness with Furoshiki.

History of Furoshiki

The name "Furoshiki" comes from the Japanese word "Furo" which translates
to bath.
In the 14th century, when samurai and nobles took a bath, they used kimonos
wrapped in Furoshiki or laid it on the floor for changing clothes.
While they were in the bath, they wrapped their clothes in a Furoshiki to keep
them from getting wet. After bathing, they wrapped their wet washcloth and
towel in a Furoshiki to carry them home.
After that, Furoshiki spread to the ordinary people and became an indispensable
item for carrying various things like square and round objects, long items and
even bottles.
Wrapping with auspiciously colored/designed Furoshiki has been believed to
keep gifts nice and clean.
Furoshiki is a piece of cloth used to express respect and wish good luck as well.
After late in 19 centuries, paper bags and plastic bags have begun to be
distributed instead of Furoshiki, Furoshiki has become less used.
However, recently, global warming and environmental pollution have become
problems around the world, the goodness of Furoshiki has been re-recognized
and the new material of Furoshiki has also appeared and is now being used as
an eco-bag instead of paper bag/plastic bag.
Furoshiki is a tradition in Japanese culture and still used in daily life for wrapping, shopping bags, decorating as tapestries, and storing disaster prevention goods.
We hope you enjoy Furoshiki as a Japanese culture.

How to use Furoshiki
Wrapping : gift, bottle, book,
Table cloth, Tea mat, Place mat

*We will provide the English leaflet to the customer.

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